Business Journals - Robert McKinley

Robert McKinley was interviewed by regional Business Journals nationwide for dozens of articles. Some of the interviews are listed here with links to the either a full description and/or the full text.

1. Denver Business Journal

Bank scouting Denver

City was axed, sources said. “It’s very common for big credit card issuers to have multiple locations,” said First Union watcher Robert McKinley, president of RAM Research Group, a Frederick, Md …

2. Charlotte Business Journal

First Union Denver site to employ 1,250?

, president of RAM Research Group, a Frederick, Md., newsletter publisher. Having a Rocky Mountain location would help the bank expand services to the Midwest and West Coast, McKinley says. “First Union has …

3. Portland Business Journal

Banks unfazed by card debt burden

a period of extending credit to a wide range of high-risk groups–the very young, the very old and the low-income–the bank card industry as a whole has embraced risk-based pricing, said Robert McKinley, president of Ram …

4. Sacramento Business Journal

Providian to gain 315 jobs locally

of a Northern California expansion that will see Providian take on another 800 employees. “They have been envied by other card companies because they have grown without incurring giant losses,” said Robert McKinley …

5. Baltimore Business Journal

Montgomery bank springs east for growth

McKinley, president of Frederick-based Ram Research Group, said MBNA’s aggressive position in the platinum card market is helping it grow faster than number-one-ranked Citicorp. MBNA …

6. Denver Business Journal

Law change gives lien filers more paperwork

to desperate borrowers. Juice, typically 15 percent, is common in the underworld for loans made to poor credit risks. But now several established card providers are doing it, reports Robert McKinley, president of the Ram …

7. Philadelphia Business Journal

PNC Bank offers mall-friendly Visa

and has a lower-than-usual interest rate of about 16 percent. The card has a 6.9 percent introductory rate for the first six billing periods. Robert B. McKinley, president of Frederick, Md.-based RAM Research Group, which tracks …

      8.  Sacramento Business Journal

‘Tis the season for credit counseling

Research in Frederick, Md. “While the economy may have hit a few speed bumps this year,” says Robert McKinley, chief executive officer of, “America’s love fest with plastic remains stronger …

9. Phoenix Business Journal

People On the Move

Brown as account executive for resident screening solutions. Keats, Connelly and Associates, Phoenix, named Michael Barker associate planner. , Theresa McKinley and Paul Tees were named vice …

10. Business First

Buffalo photo MasterCard puts new metal on plastic

are using to get the beat on their competitors in an increasingly hot business, says Robert McKinley, president of CardWeb, a Gettysburg, Pa.-based firm that tracks the payment card business for consumers and the industry, and publishes CardTrak, a consumer credit …

11. Baltimore Business Journal

Marylanders to charge about $2.8B this year

.1 billion in both store cards and debit cards to be spent in the 28-day period. Credit card use will be so high this year because interest rates are at their lowest, said Robert B. McKinley, president of CardWeb …

12. Boston Business Journal

Holiday surprises in store for shoppers in Bay State

‘s $92.6 billion. “While the economy may have hit a few speed bumps this year, America’s love-fest with plastic remains stronger than ever,” Robert McKinley,’s chief executive, said … 

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