RBM4.COM utilizes secured servers for all online activity including email and transactions. Steps have been taken to safeguard the integrity of data and protection of personal information. All personal information is transmitted and protected by encryption technology using Secured Socket Layer (SSL) protocol. 

RBM4.COM also utilizes a full-time third-party malware protection and scanning service. If security monitoring reveals possible evidence of criminal activity, information pertaining to such activity will be provided to law enforcement officials.

RBM4.COM does not store personal information on this website and does not share customer information. 

RBM4.COM gathers certain generic information about the use of the website such as collecting and analyzing traffic by keeping track of visitor IP addresses. 

RBM4.COM limits the use of this data in aggregate or on a collective basis, in summary form, rather than on an individual basis.

RBM4.COM is owned by Robert B. McKinley IV.

All contents on this website are copyright by RBM4.COM and Robert B. McKinley IV, the respective data source and Yasmir Phram, Official Biographer. All rights reserved.

NOTE: The RBM4.COM Privacy & Security Policy is in the legal review process. A new, expanded and fully compliant policy will be posted by November 15, 2019.