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NPR Radio Interviews of Robert McKinleyRobert McKinley was interviewed live by NPR reporters for various radio shows. He also provided background (off-camera) for many other general interest NPR shows. The most significant interviews are listed here with links to the either a full description and/or the actual transcript and audio (if available) for each interview. Morning Edition

1. How Credit Card Rule Changes Affect Consumers

September 17, 2009 … Renee Montagne talks with founder Robert McKinley about changes in credit card regulations and the consumer experience in the …

All Things Considered

2. Credit Card Costs

March 21, 2002 … John Ydstie talks to Robert McKinley, who heads up … McKinley says that the credit card companies are …

3. Credit Card Debt

January 14, 1996 … Daniel talks with Robert McKinley of the RAM Research … McKinley says many credit card issuers are now …

 4. Interview: Robert McKinley discusses credit card company fees

5.     Get a Financial Life

October 21, 2004 … card issuers, visit the Web sites of (, Consumer Action (, and CardWeb (www.cardweb …

Robert McKinley Reports, Analyzes, Writes, and Edits Content for the Following Online Publications or Services:

Bankcenter (payment-related news releases for executives & consumers)

CardBuzz (published payment-related news for executives & consumers)

CardFlash (payments news for executives)

CardData (quarterly payment data for executives)

CardTrak (payments news for consumers)

PYRPTS (global payment reports)

PYVNTS (global payment events)

The RAM Reports (annual payment reports for executives)

RAM Research (consulting, research, analysis)

Ruebud Media (network of payment-related services)

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