Governmental Assistance - Robert McKinley

Governmental Assistance provided by Robert McKinley to the following government agencies or panels:

1. U.S. General Accounting Office “Credit Card Report to Congress” (1995)

2. U.S. Department of Justice Antitrust Department (2000-2003)

3. U.S. Federal Trade Commission Advisory Panel (1995-2000)

4. Presidential Consumer Advisory Panel (1991)

5. Federal Reserve Board FOMC Panel (1995-2002)

6. Philadelphia Federal Reserve Credit Card Panel

Beyond Governmental Assistance Robert McKinley Reports, Analyzes, Writes, and Edits Content for the Following Online Publications or Services:

Bankcenter (payment-related news releases for executives & consumers)

CardBuzz (published payment-related news for executives & consumers)

CardFlash (payments news for executives)

CardData (quarterly payment data for executives)

CardTrak (payments news for consumers)

PYRPTS (global payment reports)

PYVNTS (global payment events)

The RAM Reports (annual payment reports for executives)

RAM Research (consulting, research, analysis)

Ruebud Media (network of payment-related services)

Robert McKinley (about)

Robert McKinley (biography)

In Robert McKinley’s unconventional 34-year payments career he had the privilege of reshaping national banking products, modifying proposed national legislation, testifying in global watershed litigation, and maintaining a close, trusted relationship with the news media at all levels.

During the retirement period of 2009-2019, Mr. McKinley became involved in a number of non-profit organizations, including SCORE, an arm of the U.S. Small Business Administration. He also conducted several investment research projects on the sub-prime credit card industry, third-party e-commerce platforms, ridesharing networks (pre-IPO), legacy product pricing litigation research, and regulatory barriers for legal cannabis payments.

At the encouragement of many colleagues from Florida, New York, California and Maryland during 2018, Mr. McKinley closely surveyed the payments landscape and social media, deciding to end his retirement.

For additional information: Ruebud Media and The CardWorthy Company