Consultant Robert McKinley

Consultant Robert McKinley assisted in the following projects for various corporations or financial institutions:

1. GE Capital re: GE Rewards MasterCard; President David Nissan (1992)

2. Household Bank re: GM Rewards MasterCard; CEO Joe Saunders (1992)

3. RCA re: Visa Cobranding;  Senior Managers (1996)

4. Discover re: General Marketing; Senior Managers via San Francisco advertising agency (2004)

5. PNC Bank re: Card Launch; EVP Bill Schenck (1995)

6. Toyota Financial re: Card Development; Senior Managers (1995)

7. Wachovia Bank re: Account Generation; EVP Jerry Craft (1993,1995,1997)

8. Wachovia Bank re: General Trends; EVP Beverly Wells (1998-2003)

9. Diners Club re: Card Pricing; Senior Managers via New York advertising agency (1998)

10. MasterCard re: General Research; Senior Managers (1995-2000)

11. MasterCard re: Interchange; CEO Pete Hart (1988-1993)

12. Visa re: Business Cards; President Carl Pascarella (1995)

13. Visa General Counsel re: Background; General Counsel Paul Allen (1991-1993)

14. AFBA’S 5Star Bank re: General Trends; Gen George Miller and Senior Managers (1994-2004)

15. American Express re: Public Relations; Senior Managers (1995)

16. MCI re: Inficorp Cobranded Card; CEO Gerald Taylor (1996)

17. Great Western re: Card Marketing; CEO Bill Schenck (1998)

18. Visa USA re: Consumer Education; PR Senior Managers (1994)


Robert McKinley participated in a number of stories on top executives. Here is a story about Visa USA’s President Carl Pascarella.


Robert McKinley Reports, Analyzes, Writes, and Edits Content for the Following Online Publications or Services:

Bankcenter (payment-related news releases for executives & consumers)

CardBuzz (published payment-related news for executives & consumers)

CardFlash (payments news for executives)

CardData (quarterly payment data for executives)

CardTrak (payments news for consumers)

PYRPTS (global payment reports)

PYVNTS (global payment events)

The RAM Reports (annual payment reports for executives)

RAM Research (consulting, research, analysis)

Ruebud Media (network of payment-related services)

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