About Robert McKinley is a Brief Overview of the Professional Career in the Payments Industry Serving the Dual Interests of Providers and Consumers. Including a Very Brief Stint as One of the Wealthiest Men in the World.

* Multi-Billionaire, a First in Punta Gorda, Florida ($9.9 billion – funny but true – sorta) [See Footnote Clips – 2018]

* Retired Chairman, Founder and CEO of RAM Research® Corporation and its subsequent divisions: CardWeb.com, CardFlash.com, and CardTrak.com all headquartered in Frederick, Maryland, with units in New York City, San Francisco, London and Sydney. [1986-2009]

* Founder & President of Ruebud Media, Inc. (Punta Gorda, Florida) [2019-Current)

* Founder & President of The Cardworthy Company, Inc. (Palo Alto, California) [2019-Current]

* Founder & President of Robear’s List, Inc. (New York, New York) [2020-Current]

* Senior Analyst (pro bono) for CardFlash.com®, CardTrak.com®, and CardData.com®. 2018-Current)

* Mentor (certified & national) with non-profit SCORE® (Resigned in 2019 – Conflicts of Interest Protocol)

* Analyst of the global payments industry on a daily basis for 34 years.

* Opinion Maker as one of the most widely quoted and interviewed payment experts, with more than 10,000 documented interviews (a) and 20,000+ attributions (b), published in U.S. newspapers, magazines and hundreds of on-camera TV and live radio interviews between 1986-2009. 

* Key Witness in the largest antitrust trials in history involving the world’s largest payment networks. ($2 billion Discover vs Visa [1992] & $10 billion US DOJ vs Visa and MasterCard- [1999])

* Consultant to Fortune 100 corporations. (GE; BofA; Morgan Stanley; Sears; Bank One; American Express; Wachovia; & undisclosed)

* Counselor to international corporations via offices in London and Sydney. (Westpac; JCB; Barclays; Virgin Money; KB Kookmin, & undisclosed)

* Assistant to governmental agencies and panels including U.S. General Accounting Office, U.S. Department of Justice, Federal Reserve, etc.

* Adviser to Legislators of the U.S. Senate, U.S. House and many State Houses.

* Author of dozens of payments related books, guides and directories.

* Lecturer and Chairman at dozens of payments related conferences

* Actor portraying Professor Robear Cardworthy (“Professor Cardworthy”) in 2006-2008 and Resurrected 2020 via Blog Post, Podcast and Videocast

Funny “Billionaire” (Front Page, Above the Fold-to the Left) News Clips:

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Bank’s Error Turns Retired Man into ‘Billionaire’ (NY Post)

Wealth Fades Quickly for a Sudden Punta Gorda Billionaire; NFL Team Ownership Dreams Crash (Fort Myers News-Press)

For Former Hagerstown Man, Life as a ‘Billionaire’ was Fleeting Bank Error Temporarily Turns Retiree into Multi-Billionaire (Hagerstown, MD Herald Mail)

Bank Error Temporarily Turns Retiree Into Multi-Billionaire (Celebrity Net Worth)

Multi-Billionaire Robert McKinley Tackles FinEd (CardTrak)

(a) NewsLibrary.com

(b) NewspaperARCHIVE.com 

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