Robert McKinley Corporate

Current Corporate

Founder and President of Ruebud Media, Inc; The Cardworthy Company, Inc.; and Robear’s List, Inc. Retired Chairman and CEO of RAM Research Corporation,, Inc. and CardTrak. Inc.

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Current Projects

Integrating Payments & Technology with Communications. Combining Multi-Media for Global FinEd. Developing Emerging Technologies for Community Level Lending, Loyalty and Charity.

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Past Projects

Product Consulting; Market Analysis; Litigation Research & Testimony; Legislative Opinion & Advisory; Mass Market Communications; Partnership Evaluation; and Consumer Education

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Meet Robert McKinley

Robert McKinley started his business career in commercial radio broadcasting at age 15, expanding to commercial TV broadcasting at age 18. After many small or side business ventures along the way and with the introduction of personal computers, he settled on, at age 33, to build a unique niche business to track and analyze the rapidly expanding payments industry for the benefit of both producers and consumers.

In Robert McKinley’s storied 24-year broadcasting career path he had the privilege of doing an interview with a sitting U.S. President, splitting his lunch with a global performer’s wife, and befriending countless celebrities, prominent politicians, and business leaders. Additionally, he introduced a number of cost-effective process modifications for the broadcasting business.

In Robert McKinley’s unconventional 34-year payments career he had the privilege of reshaping national banking products, modifying proposed national legislation, testifying in global watershed litigation, and maintaining a close, trusted relationship with the news media at all levels.

Following the unexpected loss of his wife of 36-years, and the mother of his six children, coupled with other personal tragedies, Robert McKinley retired from the daily grind in 2009. However, with new disruptive financial technologies, payment systems, and maturing social media, he ended his retirement in mid-2019.

Robert McKinley
British Embassy Reception- Washington, D.C.

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